March 21, 2013

Hey everyone! Tom released a new vlog with att of the dates that he’ll be at events for the next little while! You can check it out here, or below.

If you didn’t quite catch that, here’s all the dates:

Playlist LIVE
March 22-24 (Orlando, Florida USA)

April 5-7 (Nottingham, UK)

Lincoln YouTube Gathering
May 4 (Lincoln, UK)…

May 24-26 (London, UK)

August 1-3 (Anaheim, California USA)

Summer in the City
August 17-18 (London, UK)

October (TBA) (London, UK)


Hey everyone! Tom released a new vlog giving tips on how to get people to want to date you. It is unusual for him, but it’s pretty entertaining. You can check it out here, or below.

Hey everyone! Tom released a new vlog talking about his relationship with Jenny! For those of you who don’t know, Jenny is Bing’s little sister, who Tom has been dating for quite a while now. If you’re interested, you can check out Jenny’s channel here. You can check out the vlog here, or below!


February 9, 2013

Hey everyone! Tom released asdfmovie6!!!!! I think that this is the best one in a while. What do you guys think? You can check out adfmovie6 here, of below!

Hey everyone! Tom posted a new vlog giving 7 facts about himself! Sorry that this post is a bit late, I was sort of overwhelmed with exams this past week. Anyway, you can check out the vlog here, or below.

This is Everything Eddsworld’s 300th post!!! Thanks again, to all the fans who have kept reading through all this! WOOHOO!


January 20, 2013

Hey everyone! Sorry for the silence lately, there hasn’t really been anything new, so I’m going to lay out some new info we’ve gotten over the last few weeks. With Eddsworld, we are currently awaiting the Winter Special (Note: Not a Christmas Eddisode), and also the Eddsworld: Legacy Perks for those who donated. The Winter Special is well on it’s way, but Tom has not given an exact release date, “because.. Well because we never keep them :P” I also have two new photos from the Eddsworld Facebook Page for you guys, which should be below. All of the Legacy Donator posters have been shipped, and should be arriving in time, although if you donated enough for the wristband, and the poster, it will take more time, because they were only just recently able to put the order in. The rest of the perks will be shipped when they’re ready. Tom has sort of gone silent on his TomSka page, so there’ll be more on that subject as it happens. Bing however, has had a busy few weeks. Not only did PB/FB end a few days ago, but Bing also has lots planned for the coming year. For more on Slomozovo News, check out the post here.

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TomSka’s Day Out 6

January 8, 2013

Hey everyone! Tom released TomSka’s Day Out 6! It was filmed in July 2012, while they were in L.A., and show’s tom doing some voice acting. You can check it out here, or below.