Edd in real life

Edward Duncan Ernest Gould was the founder, animator, creator, and usually writer for Eddsworld. Edd passed away on March 25th, 2012. He was 23 years old and lived in London. Edd was in the UCA Maidstone University as an animation student. A few of his friends who appeared in in his flash cartoons are Tom, Matt, and before 2008, Tord. Edd is known world wide for his flashes and comics. He later made a book which contained most of his comics. Edd’s death came as a shock to his family, friends, and fans, and he will be greatly missed.

RIP Edd Gould:


16 Responses to “Edd Gould”

  1. Jessica Says:

    😀 Coolioz!! Edd’s awesome..

  2. edds biggest fan Says:

    god bless you edd,you will be missed

  3. edds biggest fan Says:

    i aam crying right now seriously

  4. Jake Zacharias Says:

    we all know he is up there having a soda drinking contest with jesus write now 😦

  5. Hauke Nannen Says:

    Wow… that’s a real shock for me right now.
    I just bought a new laptop, got into the internet after two months…and now, THIS. *shedding bitter tears*


    He was so friendly whenever I talked to him on youtube and deviantart.
    He spent so much of his time to give us some great… no, AWESOME animations and that’s destiny’s way to say “thank you?”

    I’ll give him a “last present”… it’ll take some time but that’s worth it. He deserves it.

    R.I.P. Edd – drink some heavenly cola for me too 😉

  6. Jeff Says:

    He’s the reason why I started animating…

  7. shannon-rose payne Says:


  8. Emily Says:

    yes it is sad that died
    no this is not a evil comment

  9. wow. he died too soon. 😦

  10. Ella Says:

    Dear Edd,
    You are my insperation and you were my ticket out of difficult situations and I thank you for that. But not only for me, but for everyone else around you. you were a god, edd! You didn”t let your cancer get in the way of anything you ever did! you were an amazing person and I”ve watched you since I was seven. I am Nine now. My one wish is to know that your in peace. RIP Edward Duncan Ernest Gould. you were an insparation to all and loved by many. Thank you.

  11. Misira Says:

    I cried reading the end of the paragraph and as im typing

  12. Bye Bye Edd Says:

    too sad. His vids on youtube were my favourites. I will miss him as with like 200 000 other people who have watched eddsworld. Wish they could continue the series though but then that would make it not eddsworld without edd Rest In Peace. Oh and hope he has a good supply of cola

  13. James Says:

    he died on my birthday D:

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