Matt in real life






Matt Hargreaves is one of Edd’s friends who appears in Eddsworld. Matt is the only known character to wear an overcoat on top of his sweater. He is also the only one with orange hair and has an oddly square chin. Matt’s catch phrase is “indubitably”, a very intelligent sounding phrase (kinda) even though he is actually quite stupid. He is also host to a YouTube account under the name of wallycube which can be accessed by clicking the name. Matt is obsessed and possibly in love with himself, as seen in Movie Makers, he has a movie called “Matt on Matt action”, also in WTFuture, he has 5 pictures of himself in his room, most of them being him in poses, he takes one of him normally.

Please note that this page mostly refers to the character Matt Hargreaves, not the person.


9 Responses to “Matt”

  1. Jessica Says:

    ❤ ❤ My favourite character!! *goes in dream mode* 🙂

  2. cait Says:

    matt is simply to handsom to ever die! *drool*

  3. shannon-rose payne Says:

    I LURVE MATT fave eddisode matt sucks, fave sentence… IM TO PRETTY TO DIE! (he is) IM THE BIGGEST MATT FAN E-V-E-R!!!!! xxx

  4. Emily Says:

    OMG thats what he really looks like dammmmm girl

  5. Emily Says:

    he is so f@#king sexy

  6. Daniel Says:

    I think matt’s “phrase” is “NOT THE FACE”.

  7. char Says:

    matts the best in eddsworld and real life(i meted him)

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