February 9, 2013

Hey everyone! Tom released asdfmovie6!!!!! I think that this is the best one in a while. What do you guys think? You can check out adfmovie6 here, of below!


The Snogre

February 8, 2013

Hey everyone! The Eddsworld winter special is out! This is the lead up to the eddisode “Fun Dead” coming out later this year. I love this video, and I actually barely noticed the difference in Edd’s voice! You guys can check it out here, or below.

Hi, I’ma Draw Ya! ep. 1

February 8, 2013

Hey everyone! Bing released the first episode of his new HIDY web show! You can also download the second episode from a link in the description of the video. You can check it out here, or below.

Hey everyone! Tom posted a new vlog giving 7 facts about himself! Sorry that this post is a bit late, I was sort of overwhelmed with exams this past week. Anyway, you can check out the vlog here, or below.

This is Everything Eddsworld’s 300th post!!! Thanks again, to all the fans who have kept reading through all this! WOOHOO!


January 21, 2013

Hey everyone! Bing posted a new video talking about new channels, and other projects coming this year. You can check it out here, or below. Also, this is EEddsworld’s 299th post! See you all at 300!

Slomozovo Updates

January 20, 2013

Hey everyone! So a lot is going on in terms of Slomozovo. I’ll be going over PB/FB, GWRomg, and other news about Bing’s projects. So first off, we have PB/FB. Just over two years ago, Bing started a project called Past Bing/Future Bing, in which every second day in 2011 (and a bit of 2012) he recorded a vlog as a message to Future Bing (Bing in the 2012/2013 videos), and saved them. Then, starting a year later, started posting them on the same day, but in 2012/2013, and filmed “Future Bing” videos on the “in between days”. The result was a sort of conversation through time, and it just recently came to an end. I will include the final Future Bing video below. This was Bing’s largest project, and has given him much higher confidence in front of a camera, resulting in more future projects and opportunities. One of these opportunities is GWRomg, GWR meaning Guinness World Records. GWRomg is a new channel, on which Bing, and several other YouTubers have weekly shows to do with Guinness World Records. Bing’s show is called “Slo-Mo Test Lab” and is essentially him talking about different World Records, and then doing something related to them, but in slow motion. This is a fairly good series, and you can check out all of GWRomg here. Also, coming up in the near future, we will have a “Hi, I’ma Draw You” series. Not much is known on it so far though, but more will be posted as it is released. You can subscribe to a newsletter that Bing is making, with updates on everything he’s doing this year, here.


January 20, 2013

Hey everyone! Sorry for the silence lately, there hasn’t really been anything new, so I’m going to lay out some new info we’ve gotten over the last few weeks. With Eddsworld, we are currently awaiting the Winter Special (Note: Not a Christmas Eddisode), and also the Eddsworld: Legacy Perks for those who donated. The Winter Special is well on it’s way, but Tom has not given an exact release date, “because.. Well because we never keep them :P” I also have two new photos from the Eddsworld Facebook Page for you guys, which should be below. All of the Legacy Donator posters have been shipped, and should be arriving in time, although if you donated enough for the wristband, and the poster, it will take more time, because they were only just recently able to put the order in. The rest of the perks will be shipped when they’re ready. Tom has sort of gone silent on his TomSka page, so there’ll be more on that subject as it happens. Bing however, has had a busy few weeks. Not only did PB/FB end a few days ago, but Bing also has lots planned for the coming year. For more on Slomozovo News, check out the post here.

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