Tord in real life

Tord in real life

Tord Larsson is one of Edd‘s friends who appeared in Eddisodes from 2005-2008. He appeared in flashes before that voiced by Alex Labbe. Tord left the show in 2008 at the start of 25ft under the seat. Though no longer on the show, him and Edd are still good friends, and Tord still helps out with some Eddisodes and other Eddsworld related things (His name clearly visible in the credits of many recent Eddisodes, most recently “WTFuture). Tord was Norwegian, this is obvious for 3 reasons, 1. Tord’s accent is different from the others, making it clear he is from another country. 2. His name is Norwegian, but this could’ve just been a coincidence. 3. In 25ft under the seat, Tord’s licence plate says “NØR5K1” or “NORSKI“, meaning Norwegian. For the longest time it was unknown why Tord left the series to all but Edd, Matt, Tom, and possibly a few others. But on March 3oth, he released a video explaining why he left, which can be viewed here, or below.


   Tord was known to have a violent nature, him being revealed as playing a game of paintball with real guns. Him and Tom seemed to have an endless rivalry, Tom’s final word’s to him being “Good riddance”, Tord retaliating by backing up into Tom with his car before taking off.

Tord explaining why he left:

Please note that this page refers to both the person Tord Larsson, and the character.


17 Responses to “Tord”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Tord was my favorite. T.T

  2. Amber Says:

    why did u have to leave 😦

  3. Amber Says:

    your my fav character 😦

  4. Amber Says:

    i hate the people who don’t like tord :(P

  5. Nicole Says:

    Its still sad that Tord left he was my favorite but if we are his fans we will support his decision. 🙂

  6. benjamin og michal Says:

    you rock tord

    / \___ <— tord the cool guy
    d "_" b

  7. trygve Says:

    Proud being Norwegian thanks to Tord


  8. Emily Says:

    tord why u leave bro u was one of my favs

  9. Gizzeell Says:

    we all love u told why did u leave 😦

  10. sky/miniedd/maxium Says:

    tord was one cool guy and honestly him being leader shocked me especially since my frends and i “are the charecters” and im eather tord or edd(i know there personalitys seem opppisite but there really not that different) and we have a tord ( i can actually picture her in the giant robot) . in my perspective him being leader acually shows responcibility and deepins his charecter , i wish thshow would contenue , and for tord to be an active charecter would be amasing
    jeg elsker deg tord farvel

  11. sophia Says:

    I really like Tord, he’s a great dude but it’s sad that the fans won’t stop hanging all over him. People just please! PLEASE! leave him alone, he needs his space. If you really want to stalk and creep Tord out, do it in your own time (please don’t anyway) and away from society. If you lock yourself in your house for 2 weeks without going anywhere that would be great because then you would know the pain that he goes through.

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