October 30, 2013

Hey everyone! So, obviously I haven’t been posting for quite a while. With everything happening in my life I’ve had a hard time keeping up with EEddsworld. I really want to be keeping this going, but it’s just not happening. I might start posting again at some point, but for the moment I am focusing on other things. If I start doing EEddsworld again, or start a different blog, it will be posted here, on Facebook, and on Twitter, so keep a lookout!



March 21, 2013

Hey everyone! Tom released a new vlog with att of the dates that he’ll be at events for the next little while! You can check it out here, or below.

If you didn’t quite catch that, here’s all the dates:

Playlist LIVE
March 22-24 (Orlando, Florida USA)

April 5-7 (Nottingham, UK)

Lincoln YouTube Gathering
May 4 (Lincoln, UK)…

May 24-26 (London, UK)

August 1-3 (Anaheim, California USA)

Summer in the City
August 17-18 (London, UK)

October (TBA) (London, UK)

3 years!

March 11, 2013

Hey everyone! Everything Eddsworld has been going for 3 years! Thank you so much to all the people who have come to the blog every day! In EEddsworld’s third year, the blog has had a substantial boost in daily views, and passed 300 posts! Not to mention the fact that EEddsworld now has almost 300 likes on facebook, almost 350 followers on twitter, and those numbers are still rising! But of coarse, I have to thank Edd, because he’s really why we’re all here, and it’s just not the same without you making Eddsworld. You won’t be forgotten. A big thanks to Tom, who keeps us laughing, and Bing, who keeps putting out quality videos! Thanks again to all of YOU for reading! Here’s to 3 years of blogging!

Hey everyone! Bing released a new video! For this video, you must have headphones, and you must only listen through one headphone (Left or right ear). You can check it out here, or below. Also, tomorrow (March 11) is the 3 year anniversary of when EEddsworld was started! I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

Hey everyone! Bing just released a new video! Check it out! Here! Now! Or down there!

Hey everyone! Tom released a new vlog giving tips on how to get people to want to date you. It is unusual for him, but it’s pretty entertaining. You can check it out here, or below.

Hey everyone! Tom released a new vlog talking about his relationship with Jenny! For those of you who don’t know, Jenny is Bing’s little sister, who Tom has been dating for quite a while now. If you’re interested, you can check out Jenny’s channel here. You can check out the vlog here, or below!